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Setting Priorities in a Way that Works: Proactive or Reactive

Businesswoman in office pointing at monitor with notes on itBack in my cubicle days, I was introduced to the Franklin Covey planning system.  As I tried to embrace this system of time management and setting priorities, I read “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”  In it Stephen Covey identifies two types of tasks – proactive and reactive. The difference between these types of tasks, he says, is crucial to how we set priorities. In order to run a business or organization smoothly, you need a mix of proactive and reactive tasks in your daily list of things to do. Over ten years later, I still try to set my tasks in terms of  priority.  It isn’t always easy to balance out proactive and reactive tasks, but it is important to be sure to make progress for long term success.  I’m still mastering this idea for my own business and it made so much sense, I had to share it with you.« Continue »

Increase Website Traffic with 10 Simple Ways

This entire article appears in this month’s Internet Marketing Guide, a free magazine only available to our email subscribers.  As a business owner, there is no doubt that you will be proud of your product or service and extremely passionate about the business you are in. However, you can offer the best product or service […]


Does Your Online Reputation Have a Pulse?

Checking the pulse of your online reputation on a regular basis is a necessary part of protecting it.   This is all about tracking and monitoring what content exists on the internet that is directly connected to your name and your brand. The first step is doing an assessment of what already exists. Make no mistake […]