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Test Your Unique Value with the WIIFM Factor

salemarketinganalysisvision_smCreating the right unique value proposition (UVP) can be a complex job with all the choices and factors involved. Even though it isn’t easy, there’s a simple factor that you can look at to help you polish your UVP and make it more recognizable for your customers. It’s the ‘What’s In It For Me’ factor, otherwise known as WIIFM.

To test this factor – Your UVP should answer the question ‘What’s in it for me?’ in a way that people can instantly relate to. If it does that, you may have found the right UVP.

When asking the WIIFM question, the answer should clearly emphasize the benefits of your offer and explain briefly how your product or service is different from those of your competitors. Your WIIFM factor needs to demonstrate how your offer meets your customers’ needs better than anyone else.« Continue »

5 Simple Steps to Online Reputation Management

Spontaneity can be a fun aspect when creating social media posts but when it comes to reputation management a spontaneous reaction is not what you rely on.  All businesses of every size need a thoughtful plan to manage the brand reputation of the company and the personal reputation of its principals.  The following five steps […]