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Keeping Play as a Priority for Entrepreneurial Success

Hopscotch CourtSome of my most memorable moments in life both big and small were when I was playing.  Usually with someone else for the ride.  Could I say that about being an entrepreneur?  The promise of opening my own business came with the idea of freedom.  Freedom to play more.  To go on more adventures and enjoy the flexibility of doing work on my own terms.  I wanted to be Sir Richard Branson.  That guy is always smiling and having a great time. Then reality set in…« Continue »

Over-Prioritizing? How to know when enough is enough.

Setting priorities is important for managing your energy and time.  Once you start setting priorities successfully, you’ll see how helpful it is. Having a set of priorities gives you a roadmap on what matters most.  Because let’s face it… if you are not focused on those things that really matter to you then you’re spending […]