Setting Priorities – Recognizing the Help and Resources You Need

Connecting Brainstorming Business Meeting Planning ConceptWhen you set priorities, there are usually other factors involved besides what goes on your own world. You may need help or outside resources to get tasks completed or move them forward consistently. These outside factors may influence the level of priority that you give to certain tasks, so they need to be considered.

For example, imagine that you’re an independent consultant. You have one job due in two days and one job due in one week. It makes sense to make the two-days job your first priority. But for the one-week job, you need the client’s approval on something before you can move forward. In this case, you may want to make getting that client’s approval a higher priority than the two-day job.  Remember, things may appear one way on the surface until you consider those outside factors that could potentially cause a log jam or just bring everything to a halt.« Continue »

Over-Prioritizing? How to know when enough is enough.

the day on planner page openSetting priorities is important for managing your energy and time.  Once you start setting priorities successfully, you’ll see how helpful it is. Having a set of priorities gives you a roadmap on what matters most.  Because let’s face it… if you are not focused on those things that really matter to you then you’re spending time on things that don’t.  And that is just a waste of time.  Sure, you may even find that you have fun with creating different priorities.  It’s nice to see a healthy list of important things.  But there might be a temptation to include everything imaginable and over-organize, setting too many priorities and making it a daunting mission to get everything done.  You set yourself up for failure.« Continue »

Using Email Marketing to Grow Referral Business

Email icon green grass on white backgroundHaving a steady flow of referrals is an important aspect for most businesses.  It’s a great way to generate leads that are already warmed up to who you are and what you can do.  That’s because the person who referred them to you already gave them a hint about the results you can achieve.  Maybe they even gave a glowing testimonial along the way.  So how does email fit into this exactly?« Continue »