Increase Website Traffic & Attract Customers with Business Blogging

You’ve seen it in every online magazine and in so many workshops and webinars.  Companies that blog get up to 55% more visitors to their websites or website traffic than businesses who do not. Regardless of whether your business is business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), blogging can greatly increase the amount of leads you gather every month by an average of almost 70%. However, even with the overwhelming statistics, many of you still ask, “Will it really work for ME?” Well, let’s look at why…

What Exactly is Business Blogging?

Business strategyAt its base, business blogging is a marketing tactic. It gives your business more visibility on the Internet.

A blog is a part of a website where you post short form content, or articles that your customers may want to read, and blogging is the act of creating that content. It is important to remember when you are business blogging that your posts contain subject matter that relates to your business.« Continue »

Unique Value Proposition: Does Yours Resonate?

Identifying and Meeting the Emotional Needs of Your Customers

No, we’re not getting all touchy-feely.  This is about understanding what your customer needs from you.  Knowing how to meet the emotional needs of your customers should be a priority.  People don’t always make buying decisions in a logical way.  Many times, it’s how the red sports car makes them feel, not the MPG rating.  Seth Godin once said,

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

be differentKnowing your customers well is one of the most important success factors in your business. It’s the foundation for growth. Although an understanding of your customers is important in all aspects of your business, it’s particularly essential in crafting your Unique Value Proposition or Core Differentiator.

To create a winning UVP or Core Differentiator, here is what you need to know about your customers:« Continue »

Attract Targeted Traffic to Your Website to Create More Sales

target-dartsIf you’re able to attract targeted traffic via the content on your website, articles on third party sites, online directories, social media and other avenues it is more than likely you’ll make more sales than you would if you did not work toward receiving targeted traffic. Targeted traffic means that people who want what you offer come to your website. Perhaps you offer to fill a need or solve a problem via your business. Online or offline, your website is an excellent way to get new clients. To get more targeted traffic you need to:

  • Optimize Your Site – Make sure you are consistently posting content and ensure that your meta tags and image tags have good keywords in them. Although this is not as important as in the past, it is still a good idea to include them.  Use good practices on all pages of your site in terms of the title and description of the website and its pages. Link to other pages within your website on every single page and under every single article or blog post. Even the URL structure is important when building an optimized website. Use URLS that have keywords in them.
  • Fill Your Site with Content – Your site should be full of keyword rich content and it should be updated as often as possible. Three to five days a week some new useful, keyword rich content should appear for your readers and for the search engines. Every day of the week would be better, but at the minimum three to five days a week. Remember content can be a video blog, a written blog, a mention of a new product with a review, be creative and you can do it.
  • Use Your Footer – It’s very important that every single page of your website have a footer that gives links to your privacy policy, and other important links that you don’t want on your main navigation but needs to be directed to. Also this is a good place to put another link to your contact us link, your newsletter link, and anything that connects your reader with you. Why? If they read to the bottom, they’re interested, take advantage of that.
  • Off Site Optimization — It is very important to get backlinks to your site. You can do this via social media, forum posts, guest blogging, and even advertisements. However you can get backlinks to your site as long as the links back to your site come from reputable websites where your target market visits, you’ll increase your targeted traffic. Links from high quality, authoritative sites are more important than the number.  Links on low quality, spammy sites can actually hurt your ranking.

If you follow these things for every website you build, and further pay close attention to each page and each blog post, ensuring that you make judicial use of H1 tags and H2 tags to break up a page. Any H1 Tag should be keyword subtitles that break up your content. Pictures should always have keyword alt tags and you should always ensure that your pages load really fast. Too large of images, too many graphics, too many ads can slow down a website tremendously and people will not stick to looking at a site that is not loading properly. The final thing you need in every site is a site map. Your sitemap should be a list of all pages in your site so that the search engines can index it properly. If you want to increase your targeted traffic do these things for every website you build.