Coaching & Consulting Programs

certified-consultantAs a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Rosie Taylor has demonstrated success and a dedication to helping small business reach their vision of success.  This is a very different approach than what you will find with other marketing consultants.  The goal is not to commit you to expensive retainers that go on indefinitely.  We teach and install a proven marketing system based on Duct Tape Marketing and align it with your business goals.  Rosiemedia tailors all programs to match your specific business needs.  Sessions outlined below may vary so we can focus on certain areas for better results.

You may be thinking: “What is Duct Tape Marketing?”

Together we install a series of steps to produce effective and measurable results.  All packages are based on the Catalyst program and then delivered in a format that works for you. Group or one on one; in-person and totally online.  Whatever helps you carry out what you learn.


The Group Catalyst program is based on the core sessions of the acclaimed Duct Tape Marketing system.   Online sessions offer an affordable alternative to our regular Catalyst program.  Presented by an Authorized  Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Rosie Taylor.

New groups start continuously throughout the year so chances are one is starting next month.  Join us for a free Discovery Call to see if this program fits for you.  The call will give you a chance to ask questions and hear more details about what’s offered.  Give us a call to reserve your spot on our next call: 954-667-9668.

Prefer to work face-to-face?  We offer the LIVE Group Catalyst  with a convenient schedule and a small intimate groups of 5 or less.



The One On One Catalyst program is now delivered in two formats to fit your learning style so you get the most out of it: online or binder.  It’s the same proven system either way.  The online version offers easily accessible resources such as videos and links that are updated and the binder is paper based traditional program.

For either delivery, there are a minimum of ten training sessions delivered over six months.  During each training session the consultant will conduct essential introductions and training on the material, assign action steps, facilitate discussion, and give feedback and guidance in the completion of the steps as well unlimited e-mail support between sessions.  Personal consulting sessions follow the training to ensure that the system is installed into your business so that it works for you.  These sessions can be as little as a few months to an ongoing engagement as it makes sense to your business.

The primary goal of this program is the creation of the research and strategy necessary to easily complete and document a marketing action plan using the Duct Tape Marketing method.  Each participant receives an Ultimate Marketing System delivered online or with a binder including workbooks, MP3 Audio and the Duct Tape Marketing Book.

1. Strategy Foundation – Ideal Client

2. Strategy Foundation – Art of Differentiation

3. The Marketing Hourglass

4. Content Building Plan

5. Total Web Presence

6. Winning Search and Local Online

7. Lead Generation 1 – Advertising

8. Lead Generation 2 – Public Relations and Referrals

9. Lead Conversion and Selling

10. Putting It All Together