What you can expect?

I like to take abstract and technical topics and break them down to simple ideas that are relevant and accessible to an audience.  Most of all I love to share what I have learned in a friendly, energetic atmosphere where everyone is interacting, asking questions and absorbing it all.  My goal is to always have the audience walk away with useful information that will help them reach their goals.

2012 Duct Tape Marketing Consultants Conference

2012 Duct Tape Marketing Consultants Conference

About Me

The desire to teach comes from as far back as I can remember even as a child.  Well, nothing’s changed and the passion hasn’t faded a bit.  I still get excited when someone’s face lights up as they have those a-ha moments.  For the past twenty years, I’ve worked at large corporations like Motorola and Nikon as well as for local government.  At each job, I always took the opportunity to train and present even if it wasn’t part of my original job description.

Although my background and skill sets are very diverse, from coding web pages to the finer points of marketing and public relations, it all boils down to communication.  I find it a fascinating topic especially when considering how much the internet has effected how we all communicate globally.

As the owner of Rosiemedia, I revel in being an entrepreneur continually learning and treating every day as an adventure!  Being a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant gives me plenty of solid marketing content to share along with being an Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact.  (I will never stop learning, but I promise to share what I find.)  I speak in front of groups both large and small for all sorts of organizations from local networking groups, Chambers, SCORE workshops and larger industry trade shows.

 My Most Requested Topics

FFEA Trade Show July 2012

FFEA Trade Show July 2012

  • Marketing Strategy – “7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success”
  • Total Online Presence
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • WordPress Basics

I’m happy to create a custom presentation tailored for your audience.  In the past I’ve presented custom topics such as Facebook, Strategic Partnering and Managing Social Media. (Visit my Slideshare page)

Standard Presentations

“7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success”

Business owners and managers will discover that marketing their operation is even more important – and so much simpler than they thought. They’ll learn that they can finally put their business into overdrive by following a proven, systematic approach. This presentation will show them how to:

  • Choose the ideal client they want to do business with
  • Charge what they want by increasing value
  • Get their sales people off the lonely, cold-call treadmill and get their target market to seek them out
  • Reduce stress and saving time for marketing activities

“7 Stages of a Total Online Presence”

Online marketing can feel overwhelming to a small business owner, but there’s no doubt that a complete online presence is necessary. This presentation covers the concept of why it’s important to build more than just a website and you get some tips and resources to help you get started.

“The Power of Email Marketing”

This information-packed seminar will demonstrate how email marketing – the hands-on, low-cost marketing tool – can really help drive business success. (Constant Contact Presentation)

In this session, participants will discover how communicating with customers regularly can help a small business stay connected, and generate increased referrals, repeat sales, and unwavering customer loyalty.

“Social Media Marketing Made Simple”

Social media.  You hear people talking about it all the time.  You might even use it to stay in touch with friends and family.  You may even understand the value social media can bring to your business.  But how do you get started?

In this introductory session, you learn strategies and best practices to get the most out of your social media activities. (Constant Contact Presentation)

“Create a Referral Flood”

Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest and perhaps most effective means of growing a business. We introduce the concept of how to develop an organized approach that will yield a consistent flood of qualified business.